12 baseball jacket combinations that 'cheat' your age

A baseball shirt combined with a pleated skirt and player socks is one of the ways to wear it to create a youthful look.

According to WWW , baseball shirts are a hot trend of this year's cold season. The design exudes dynamism, when combined with wide-leg pants, skirts or jeans, it is easy to create a younger look than your age.

One of the favorite ways to coordinate with many young people today is to wear baseball shirts with oversized jeans, shirts or t-shirts, completed with chunky shoes. Photo: TST

The outfit includes a baseball shirt, midi pleated skirt, and high heel boots for girls who want to be youthful yet elegant. Costumes can be used when going to work or going out with friends. Photo: TST

On cold days, you can combine the shirt with a striped skirt, knee-high boots and a wool hat. Photo: TST

A simple and effective combination suitable for all body shapes is a T-shirt, jeans and low-cut boots. Photo: Pinterest

If you're confident with your legs, you can choose a short bodycon knitted dress, an oversized coat, and chunky boots. Photo: Fashionspot

Similarly, just change from boots to high heel sandals, you will have a more feminine outfit. Photo: Pinterest

The trend of wearing underwear as casual clothing can also be applied to baseball jackets. Photo: Fashionspot

An outfit includes a crop top turtleneck tank top, jacket and high-waisted wide-leg pants suitable for people with beautiful waists. Photo: Fashionspot

2000s-style baseball shirts and cargo pants become more elegant thanks to stiletto heels. Photo: Pinterest

The design comes with a pleated skirt and soccer socks, creating a schoolgirl style. Photo: Fashionspot

You can also use a baseball shirt as a highlight for an outfit consisting of a strapless shirt and black denim skirt, combined with sneakers. Photo: Pinterest

Girls who like Y2K fashion can combine cargo tops and skirts, sneakers or bread-soled shoes. Photo: Fashionspot

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