Do you know what it takes to catch a criminal? A fast police car, that’s what! Remember being a kid and playing around with those remote-controlled, battery-operated cop car toysthat light up and sound off a cute little siren?
In the top 10, 6 models are products of the Hyundai group, while only one Tesla appears.
The European Commission launched an investigation against Chinese electric vehicle subsidies, which could spark a trade war in this field, according to Politico.
The pressure to increase wages while producing electric vehicles at a loss and falling behind Tesla is casting a shadow over the future of the auto manufacturing community in Detroit.
SHANE can carry 5 people and maintain its balance when running in urban areas or on highways.
CHINA'S Zeekr - Geely's sub-brand - began delivering to customers the 001 model with a 140 kWh battery and a price of 57,300 USD.
With 4 electric motors, Zeekr 001 FR has a capacity of 1,247 horsepower, accelerates from 0-100 km/h in just 2.07 seconds, and has the special ability to spin on the spot.
AUSTRALIA Extremely high demand is the reason why the Japanese company stopped accepting new orders for the hybrid version of the D-sized sedan.
JAPAN'S four F1 drivers - including defending champion Max Verstappen - are divided into two teams, competing through games with Honda's kei-truck model.
Vision Copen is a 2-door sports car concept, 1.3 liter engine, inspired by the Daihatsu Copen kei car model launched in 2002.

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