10 'most beautiful' beauties in the world in 2023

Korean singer Nany, Jisoo, Gal Gadot, supermodel Jasmine Tookes are among the top 10 most beautiful faces in the world in 2023.

Nancy (group Momoland) topped the chart of TC Candler . She is considered by Korean beauty experts to be the most beautiful " hybrid rose " in the idol world, with an American father and a Korean mother. In addition to singing, she is sought after by many brands, invited to be their representative and participate in advertising campaigns. Photo: Metro

Nancy's beauty. Video: Instagram Nancy

Dasha Taran is 24 years old, of mixed Russian and Ukrainian descent. She has an Instagram page with 5.2 million followers. Initially, she worked as a photographer but then was invited by many colleagues to pose for models. Dasha Taran thus fell in love with the modeling profession. Photo: Instagram Dasha Taran

Minatozaki Sana (stage name Sana, Japanese), is a member of the Korean group Twice. She is 21 years old, 1.64 meters tall, and is praised by many fans as "beautiful like an angel". Photo: JYP

Gal Gadot (38 years old), once Miss Israel in 2004, is currently a Hollywood actress. After giving birth three times, she still maintains her beauty and balanced figure. Margot Robbie once praised Gal Gadot as "unbelievably beautiful" . Photo: GQ

American supermodel Jasmine Tookes, 32 years old, has a sharp face and shiny black skin. Jasmine Tookes modeled for Victoria's Secret in 2012 and received the title of "Angel" in 2015. She was chosen to demonstrate the $3 million Fantasy Bra lingerie set in the company's famous fashion event in 2016.

In early 2023, she gave birth to her first daughter with Juan David Borrero - son of Ecuadorian Vice President Alfredo Borrero. Photo: Harper's Bazaar

Sitala's full name is Sitala Wongkrachang, 27 years old, the daughter of Thai actor Sarunyu Wongkrachan. She is active in the Kpop group H1-KEY. Photo: H1-KEY

Eleen Suliman - Saudi Arabian fashionista - ranked seventh on the list. She is 28 years old, has two million followers on Instagram, and is famous for many makeup, beauty, and travel videos. Photo: Instagram Eleen Suliman

Andrea Botez - 21 year old American chess player - has a fiery appearance. She became famous after posting videos playing chess - boxing, a combination of chess and boxing. The contestant starts the match with three minutes of boxing and then moves on to three minutes of chess, continuing to play like that until they win. Photo: Instagram Andrea Botez

Jisoo, 29 years old, the eldest sister of Blackpink, ranked ninth on the list. She has big eyes, heart-shaped lips, and high nose. Last year, the singer publicly dated actor Ahn Bo Hyun but soon broke up . Photo: YG

Savannah Clarke (20 years old) is an Australian singer, actress, and composer. She has a healthy, active beauty. Photo: Instagram Savannah Clarke

TC Candler is an independent critic site about American cinema, art, and beauty. The list of "100 most beautiful faces in the world" was first made in 1990, while the list for male stars was launched in 2014. Voting criteria are based on factors of beauty, charm, elegance, nature, uniqueness, prospect.

According to the magazine, in recent years, the list has attracted hundreds of millions of views on social networking platforms, sparking many comments from audiences around the world. This year, the organizing committee selected 200 faces, out of a total of more than 300,000 people from more than 50 countries and territories.

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